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Everyone has something to offer! 

Have you considered sharing your special skills and talents to benefit your community? 
We Need You!

Volunteer Openings:  Thrift Store Volunteers * Event Volunteers * Library Volunteers * Construction & Maintenance * Children's Activities Volunteers * Gardeners * Class Instructors * Gallery Volunteers * Photographers * Wood Cutting & Storage * Cleaning Staff * Grant Writer * Library director * Thrift Store Director

Wish List

This is a list of things we are in need of. Perhaps you have these things taking up valuable space in your home or know of someone who has something they no longer want. PLEASE think of The Orr Center! We are a 501c3 non-profit, so your donations may be tax deductible!

Thrift Store Donations * Toilet Tissue * Paper Towels * Cleaning Supplies * Art & Craft Supplies & Equipment * Paper Gift Bags * Office Supplies * HP Printer Ink * Tools * Riding Lawn Mower * Lawn Edger * Gardening Supplies * Plants and Flowers (for a future garden) * Plastic Folding Event Tables (white, fold in half for storage) * Display Cases * Full Size Laminator * School Supplies * Orr Historical Information, Photos, Other Memorabilia * Construction Supplies * 

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