Our Team. 

These are just a few of the amazing people who make the Orr Center a reality through their continued dedication and volunteer work at the center. As we continue to find people who volunteer their passion and talent this page will grow! We are looking for someone to direct our library and thrift store. Please visit our get involved page to see how you can help!

Wendy Purdy- President

Under Construction

Board Of Directors

Our board of directors are an amazing group of local people who care deeply about our community and want to see us grow and prosper. We thank them for their guidance and support!

Wendy Purdy- President

Todd Gabrielson- Vice President

Brian (Otis) Wardas- Treasurer

Jeff Franke- Secretary

Steve Koch- Director

Our Regular Volunteers- We couldn't do this without you!

Current Volunteers (last 6 months, more than 8 hours) We couldn't do this without you!

Wendy Purdy- Executive Director (i.e. all around slave and crazy woman)

John Hess- Official Lawn Beautifier 

Chelly Roe- Thrift Store Go To Gal

Jamie Herzmann- Resident "Artist", Web Stumbling, Newsletter/Flyer/Sign making, Organizing Bully (sort of), Gallery Director

Julie Aune- All around wonderful smiling, friendly and there when we need her helper

Colleen Altnow- Library helper extraordinaire 

Ruth Huismann- Event Whisperer

Jeff Franke- Overworked, Underpaid, Fix This, Move That Master

Dirk- Handy Man Extraordinaire 

Deb Scott- Events and store 

Dar Sherwin- Pottery Princess, and all around handy woman.

John Huismann- Wood Working, Sewer Cleaning, Gym Demolition Greanyite

Jeff Purdy- Unwilling Honey Do and Make Sure Wendy Easts Lunch Manager

Penny Krueger- Thrift Store Get It On The Floor Gal

Loretta Ahola- "Mom! I Need You" Wendy's Back Up Plan

Tiffany Davis- Twin Cities, Junk Hauling, Event Working, Speed Demon

Joe & Michelle Manick- Firewood Whisperers

JP Metsa- Internet and Computer Hero

Rebecca Haga- Thrift Store Donation Sorting Diva

Joyce Carver- Gallery Gal

Lucy Deatherage- Teen Queen Helping Machine

Deb Scott- Reliable Rescuer

Kasey & Adam Vantassell- Birch Forest Lodge Dynamic Duo

Tom Antikainen- A Lion of a Helper

Sunny & Fran Novak- Bleach Buddies- Keeping It Clean

Paige Bisbee- Vintage Virtuoso

Kris Manick- Picasso of the Orr Center

Sherrie Lammi- Book loving, alphabetizing, library setter-upper

Wendy Laakkonen- A regular smiling face at The Center- we HOPE!

Volunteer of the Quarter

We haven't chosen our volunteer of the quarter yet, but please stay tuned for information on this amazingly giving person!

Jamie and Tom Photo.jpg
Jamie Herzmann- Art Director

Originally from Colorado, I moved to MN in 2018 with my husband Tom. He has been coming to MN since he was a baby, his family has a cabin on Black Duck Lake. I instantly fell in love with all northern Minnesota has to offer during my very first visit. In my opinion Colorado has nothing on Minnesota (sorry CO!)! I graduated from University of Northern Colorado in 2016 with a Bachelor in Elementary Education and an emphasis in art. I only completed my foundation art classes in college, but I am eager to grow and continue to create. I am currently an art and special education teacher in the Quad Cities. My personal art consists of photography, collage, mixed media, jewelry, sculpture and poetry.

I met Wendy long before we moved here on one of our summer trips and I was immediately hooked on her vision. I began volunteering as soon as we moved. I kept asking her how I could help with children's activities and art. After an elements of art class I taught at the Aurora Public Library, I suggested we display children's art and create a gallery. The idea grew and morphed and today we have an amazing gallery that hosts art from children and adults throughout Minnesota. 

Jeff Franke Photo.jpg
Jeff Franke- Maintenance Manager

I have been volunteering with the Orr Center since day 1. I really enjoy contributing to the community. My background in service and maintenance has armed me with a number of skills that are vital to the success of the center. Most of my carpentry skills are self taught. I moved to Crane Lake in 1993 and operated a family owned resort, The Borderline Lodge. We sold the lodge in 2003, and I decided to make my home in Orr. I've known Wendy and Jeff for over 13 years.